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Hair Loss Clinic


Our Hair Clinic Services

Finding the right hair loss and skin care solutions is not always easy.  Ashley Lauren is not like other companies who provide a single solution and try to convince you its right for you.  We offer a variety of hair loss and skin care solutions personalized for you.  We know that many of you do  not which to use surgical methods to restore beauty with dangerous instruments or products that could damage your hair and skin.

  • Ashley Lauren utilizes state of the art technology to access your needs
  • We offer a variety of safe hair regrowth solutions to fit your needs
  • We offer a private office setting with friendly professional staff
  • We offer a multi-therapeutic approach for hair loss, thinning and skin care
  • We are conveniently located in downtown Evanston, IL in the Carlson Building


We Are Not Accepting New Clients At This Time!


Services That We Usually Offer

Hair, Skin & Scalp Consultations... $45.00

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage... $55.00

Rejuvenating Protein Steam Mask Treatments... $65.00

High Frequency Treatments... $45.00

Alopecia Treatment For Balding  & Shedding... $75.00

Georgia's Original Scalp Treatment...  $75.00

Follicle Degeneration Detox Treatment... $65.00

Anti-Aging Facials... $75.00

Chemical Peels (All Natural)... $85.00

Hyperpigmentaion Facial (Dark Spots)... $75.00

Acne Facials... $55 & up