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Skin & Hair Advice




Thinning Hair...Straight, Curly or Wavy..Female or Male

e recommend our 4 Piece Thinning Hair Care Kit


Thinning Shampoo, Conditioner & Rosemary Jojoba


Multi-Cultural  Hair....Wavy Hair\Curly Hair\Relaxed\

We recommend our 4 Piece Herbal Hair Care Kit

 Herbal Shampoo, Conditioner, Aloe & Jojoba Leave-In Conditioner

Purchase our Jojoba Oil Ylang Ylang and our 100% Natural Hair Cream

If You Have  ( Dry Hair, Twist or Thermal Straightened Hair)



Normal Skin\Anti-Aging\Dry Skin

whiteladyagingskin.jpg pretty-m-aged-latina-woman.jpg

Dry Skin\Aging Skin 

This type of skin sometimes has a dry flaky appearance and becomes more dryer in winter and after cleansing. Shows signs of aging such as wrinkles. Always exfoliate with Lemon Toner.
Tea Tree Cleanser\Lemon Toner (exfoliate dead skin)
Anti-Aging Face Cream (winter)Aloe Vera Facial(summer)

Sensitive Skin\Hypoallergenic Types
This type of skin reacts to some types of cosmetics by breaking out.  It needs gentle products. 

We recommend you try the following for your skin type.  
Aloe Vera Facial Moisturizer, Rose Water(Facial Toner), Aloe Body Lotion (Hypoallergenic)

Normal Types

This type of skin is even skin tone and is smooth and does not have many problems.

Lemon Skin Toner
Purifying Facial Mask
Aloe Vera Facial Moisturizer (Spring-Summer)
Anti-Aging Cream (Winter)

 Teen Skin\Oily\Combination Skin



This type of skin has oil in the T Zone area or  oily skin all over the face.

Pores are usually larger with pimples or blackheads.

We Recommend Our 4 Piece Acne Skin Care Kit

Essentials Tea Tree Facial  Cleanser & Lemon Toner

Especially for young men or women who need products

that work and does not like a complicated skin care routine