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Skin & Hair Advice


Thinning Hair\Hair Loss (African American)


Thinning Shampoo\Conditioner
Jojoba Hair Oil (Rosemary)
Aloe & Jojoba Leave-In ) Natural Hair Cream (Optional) (Course Hair)  



Thinning Hair (European & Asian Straight Hair Types)

 Thinning Shampoo & Conditioner\Jojoba Hair Oil (Rosemary)




Natural Hair\Wavy Hair\Curly Hair\Relaxed\Multi-Cultual
Herbal Shampoo\Herbal Conditioner
Jojoba Hair Oil Ylang Ylang
Aloe & Jojoba Leave-In (Very Popular-All Textures)
100% Natural Hair Cream (Course,  Very Dry Hair, Twist or Pressing)



Normal Skin\Anti-Aging\Dry Skin


Dry Skin\Aging Skin

This type of skin sometines has a dry flaky appearance and becomes more dryer in winter and after cleansing. Shows signs of aging such as wrinkles. Alwasy efoliate with Lemon Toner.
Tea Tree Cleanser\Lemon Toner (exfoliate dead skin)
Anti-Aging Face Cream (winter)Aloe Vera Facial(summer)

Sensitive Skin\Hyperallergenic Types
This type reacts to cosmetics a lot quicker. it burns moer easily or breaks out more easily due to cosmetic ingredients.

Aloe Vera Facial Moisturizer
Rose Water(Facial Toner)

Normal Types

This type has an even skin tone and is smooth. Pores are small to med. size.

Lemon Skin Toner
Purifying Facial Mask
Aloe Vera Facial Moisturizer (Spring-Summer)
Anti-Aging Cream (Winter)



Teen Skin\Oily\Combination Skin
























his type has oily skin all over the face. Pores are usually larger with pimples or blackheads.
Tea Tree Facial Cleanser
Lemon Skin Toner (Top seller for 10+ years for dark spots)
Purifying Mask
Dead Sea Mud Mask (Great fo acne skin)
Oil Free Facial Moisturizer





Please carefully consider the products that  salons uses on your hair. 
Always ask if they use any of the following ingredients in their products.  Many of the clients that have approached our salon for thining hair and loss have had the following ingredients used in there hair by uneducated hair stylist that are only concerened about profits not the clients  hair.  Beware before its too Late! Recent studies have shown  the following ingredients to cause hair loss, hair thinning, scalp itching, dandruff and a host of other problems.  Some of the ingredients have been known to cause cancer. Always ask about the following ingredients:

Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Dimethicone, Clymethicone, Proprolyne Glycol, DHDM, Fragrance Oil, (Synthetic) Man Made  Oils.  If a product has a strong chemical smell it is probably unsafe for use.