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Celebrating 18 Years In Downtown Evanston, Illinois!

Ashley Lauren Natural Products is a prestige beauty brand based in a suburb of Chicago, IL that manufactures and distributes natural hair and skin care products. The products contain only  the finest quality 100% natural ingredients utilizing organic essential oils, herbs and botanicals. We use no petroleum, mineral oil, silicones, parabens or toxic chemicals in any of our products.  Ashley Lauren products are researched, developed and manufactured by Ashley Lauren Research Laboratories to address issues ranging from hair thinning and loss to acne & aging skin.


The company's president Georgia Parker,  Natropath, Chemist, Herbalist, Aesthetician, Trichologist and Beauty Educator Founded Ashley Lauren in January 1998 shortly after the birth of her daughter Ashley Lauren. She started the company after suffering from hair loss due to alopecia. Georgia prayed to God for something that would help her hair grow back, after receiving through revelation a formula for her hugely popular Jojoba Hair Growth Oil (Rosemary Formula). Georgia formulated the recipe at her kitchen table in Evanston, Illinois. Shortly thereafter her hair began to grow in and many women at her local church in the Chicagoland area noticed her hair and began to request bottles to use for their hair. Other extremely popular products soon followed, such as the Aloe & Jojoba Leave-in Conditioner and Lemon Skin toner for dark spots and acne. Georgia Parker continued to sell her hair products out of her home for three years.
In the Spring of 2001 Georgia opened up Ashley Lauren  Holistic Health & Body Care Center in downtown Evanston, IL specializing in herbal hair treatments for loss, facials and holistic body care. Ashley Lauren has become a well respected and sought after multi-cultural haven for hair and skin care. Ashley Lauren was one of very few salons that focus specifically on care, growth and restoration of natural hair of a variety of hair textures. Georgia takes pride in introducing her multi-cultural customers to the benefits of holistic hair and skin care.  This year marks the 18th year anniversary of Ashley Lauren natural products in downtown Evanston, IL. 

We are conveniently located in downtown Evanston, IL, a suburb right outside Chicago, IL

The Carlson Building

Suite 701

636 Church St.

Evanston, IL 60201

847 733-9470


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 Ashley, Georgia & Larry (Pictured.

The Ashley Lauren Product line launched at Whole Foods Market June 2012.






  February 2012

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Georgia was featured in an article in

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